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a community-driven token that protects and promotes the well-being of every bulls globally with integration of the NFTs, METAVERSE, P2E, and cross-blockchain technology and future CEX listings and partnerships worldwide to better service the people, the community, and the ecosystem


About Us


Bulls are animals long been forgotten. Sacred bulls have held a place of significance in human culture since before the beginning of recorded history. They appear in cave painting estimated to be up to 17,000 years old. The importance of bull is reflected in its appearance in the zodiac as Taurus and symbolically appears in heraldry. Many ancient people respected the bull as a symbol of strength and fertility; its size, power and potency have impressed man for many thousands of years. Bulls are extremely strong on an objective level (they are strong enough to flip cars, and can pull roughly their own weight). In addition, the importance of the bull in a cattle breeding program often is underestimated. A cow is responsible for half the genetic material in only one calf each year, while the bull is responsible for half the genetic material in 20 to 50 calves each year.

Bulls are considered sacred in some countries, that is why this coin is created to save them since their existence is depleting.


Bull Run Coin was stealth launched in the middle of March 2022 with the vision in mind to help and support BULLS globally. It consists of a supportive community of bull lovers whose beliefs and passion drove them to create this long-term token. The community, with committed individuals, founded this project that would change not just bulls’ lives but also people’s lives forever.


Investors in this coin will take part in saving the bulls through charity giving. Aside from this being a long-term project, the group, together with the community aims to:

  • Create its own NFTs and Merch
  • Have its own METAVERSE and Platform
  • Create P2E: Bull Run
  • Cross-blockchain to invite more inves-tors
  • List in different CEX
  • Be part of the DeFi
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NFTs and MERCH coming soon